Dog Training FAQs

You have questions. Jason has answers.

What types of behaviors can Songdog help me control?

Aggression (for a list, see our Behavioral therapy section), unruliness, separation anxiety, inappropriate elimination, barking, digging, running away, jumping, spinning and just about anything else your dog can think of!

If my dog goes away for training, will my dog remember me when they return?

This is probably our most commonly asked question. The answer is yes! It has been Jason Major’s experience that if you have known the dog for at least two weeks, the dog will remember you for life. Actually, if the dog did not remember you, it would make our job easier. We could simply remove the dog from your environment, complete the training and send the dog home, and that is how they would act from that point on. We know this would not work. Your dog will remember you and remember how they acted with you before the therapy and transfer of training.

Will training or therapy break my dog’s spirit or change their personality?

Many people are concerned about this. This is where science meets art. It is possible for the trainer to become so overbearing that the dog simply shuts down. We have all seen dogs that, while they responded to the handler, do so without drive and motivation.

Songdog takes great pride in giving the owner back a dog that not only responds well but also, does so out of love and respect. We teach the dog coping skills and active avoidance strategies. We spend a tremendous amount of time implementing play reinforcement and relaxation training to counter any emotionality the dog may be experiencing due to the training.

Will you tell me if my dog cannot be helped?

Absolutely. First, SongDog recommends a complete exam by your vet. We want to rule out the possibility of the behavior being the result of a physiological issue. If the exam is satisfactory, we will evaluate the dog. We will come up with a diagnosis and create a treatment protocol. Together we will determine if your animal is capable of being helped and if your home dynamic is beneficial to the dog. If we cannot help you, we will tell you and help you locate someone who can.