Northern Michigan Animal Behaviorist and Dog Trainer

Jason Major Dog Behavior Training Dogs Northern Michigan

Northern Michigan Animal Behaviorist and Dog Trainer

I’m Jason Major, owner of SongDog Kennels. I am an Applied Animal Behaviorist and Dog Trainer with 25+ years of professional dog training. I have treated dogs with behavioral problems across the U.S.

When I work with your adult dog or your puppy, my emphasis is on modifying your dog’s behavior, teaching you how to maintain the new behaviors with your dog, and keeping any aggression on extinction.

Dog Training and Dog Behavior Services

  • Behavior Consultation and Therapy
  • Off-Leash Dog Training
  • Canine Companion and Therapy Training
  • On-Site Dog Training

How long will your dog be in training?

Dogs are like people in that they learn at different rates so the time spent here at Songdog in Northern Michigan will vary from dog to dog.

I will work with you as we determine the time needed in my program.

My goal is to provide the most innovative and scientifically sound dog training and canine behavioral therapy techniques available.

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