SongDog Client Reviews

Philip Arbit Dog Training Review

Training with Kindness and Caring

Jason took our rambunctious nipping pup and transformed her into the dog we’ve always wanted. We were worried her personality would change, but nope… Same fun crazy dog, she just listens now. Walks off leash. Doesn’t jump or nip anymore. Jason did an amazing job with kindness and caring. He truly loves his job and it shows in how he treats your pet. I couldn’t recommend him any higher. He is also always a phone call away for questions and touchups.

Philip Arbit

Hank Dogs Google Review Dog Training

Meet the Hankster

What a difference our dog Hank is after spending a couple weeks with Jason at boot camp. Walking, commands, other dog encounters used to be a nightmare but now we have the tools and a better mannered dog to navigate each situation. We have so much more confidence in our Hankster! THANK YOU SONGDOG KENNELS!

Jennifer Kenney

Baxter Labrador Dog Training in Northern Michigan

Baxter the Labrador

As a travel nurse, I needed my dog to be well behaved in public places and in hotels. I dropped off a overly hyper 6-month-old Labrador. I picked up a well behaved traveling companion. Baxter is a totally different dog. Now he knows when it’s play time and when he need to stay at my side. He no longer jumps on strangers or drags me on his leash. I will definitely bring my future dogs to Songdog!

April Marie

Goose Dill Silver Lab Dogs in Northern Michigan

Goose and Dill

Jason & Tiffany Major operate a 5-star dog behavioral training program with superior accommodations. We have 2 silver Labradors that completed Jason’s 10-week of- leash program, making our pets happier and more confident, while improving our family life with our animals. We have used SongDog for the past 6 years for boarding and training refreshers and always receive our pets back happy and in amazing physical shape! Our dogs are never left in a crate or alone, and we truly appreciate the extra exercise that SongDog incorporates into boarding. The knowledge of dog behavior and experience that Jason has is second to none. There is never a question he cannot assist answering. He is straightforward on his assessments of pet behavior and provides solutions. We can’t say enough good things about SongDog and the team!

Jennifer Knight Fischer

Sally Black Lab Dog Training in Michigan

Sally the Black Lab

Our sweet lab’s transformation with Jason was truly amazing! Our walks were becoming extremely difficult due to her pulling. Plus taking her into new situations was overwhelming for all of us! After four weeks at Song Dog we had a new pup:) No more pulling on leash and we get many compliments in public about how well behaved she is! Jason has always been quick to answer our questions and offer helpful advice! Highly recommend!

Carla Baker

Marc Sroufe Otis the Plott Hound Dog Training in Michigan

Otis the Plott Hound

Jason helped us save an abused Plott hound that had severe fear aggression. Otis has become a beloved member of our family. His issues are under control. We know that if we ever need help and advice Sound Dog and Jason are only a call or text away!

Marc Sroufe

Sarah Ford Petoskey Michigan Dog Training

Say Hello to Ozzie

I cannot recommend Jason and SongDog Kennels enough. We sent our rambunctious, 6 month old puppy, who had very few manners, off and he returned a well behaved (still rambunctious) puppy who is a joy to have in our lives. His off leash recall is fantastic and he walks politely on a leash instead of pulling and biting at it. He is no longer biting at the kids’ heels and will cuddle sweetly with our son, who wanted nothing to do with him before training. You won’t regret this investment in your dog!

Sarah Ford

Larry Pennel Google Review Dog Training Michigan

Karma – Ultimate Companion

After Karma took off after a black bear we knew we had to do some serious training. Vet Tech recommended Jason and we sent her to the ultimate companion training. Now she will respond to recall immediately even when a deer or other prey is involved. She went from a good dog to a great dog.

Larry Pennell

Sadie Alaskan Malamute Dog Training in Northern Michigan

Sadie the Alaskan Malamute

Jason saved my relationship with Sadie, my giant Alaskan Malamute. She wanted to be alpha. I didn’t know what to do. But we have the best relationship now. She is my best girl!

Amy Maguire

Petey the Poodle Dog Training Northern Michigan

Petey the Poodle

We adopted a standard Poodle pup during the Thanksgiving COVID lockdown. Petey responded well to home training, but because of the isolation from other people and winter weather, he was lacking in social skills. Jason and Tiffany worked wonders transforming him into a much calmer dog. He’s still a work in progress, but wow, what a difference. We highly recommend SongDog Training. Jason and Tiffany form a special bond with the dogs. The end training results reflect that.

Michael Hinz

Judy Olds Google Review Willis the Golden Puppy Training

Willis the Golden Puppy

Jason has been training pups for many years and he clearly loves what he does and does it very well. He worked with our last pup, an 84 lb. labradoodle, and we could take him out anywhere. That was over 14 years ago. We vowed to have Jason work with any future pups. We now have Willis, a big boy Golden with lots of Golden puppy energy in him. Our walks with Willis are well contained and like night and day compared to his pre-training walks. Still working through puppy issues as they arise and Jason is always available for follow up concerns.

Judy Olds

Kerry Whelan Google Review Dog Training

Honest Dog Trainers

Jason and Tiffany are not only extremely knowledgeable, and incredibly effective with their training programs, but they also are the most caring, empathetic, an amazingly connected to all the dogs, and treat them with the utmost kindness and respect… and they are honest. I personally believe they are the best people/training facility in the country. And I’m truly blessed to have have them help me not once but twice with my dogs, which one that I was extremely lucky to get through them. I would never consider going anywhere else, even if I lived out of state. They train dogs and fly them to you sometimes! I can’t say enough wonderful accolades about them and their program. Thank you guys so much!

Kerry Whelan

Danielle Gillespie Google Review Dog Training

Darla – Three Week Foundation Program

Jason and Tiffany have extreme knowledge in their field and are extremely effective, our lab pup Darla completed their 3 week foundation training program and came back having achieved everything we could’ve asked for and more. We consistently get compliments on how well behaved she is and how well she immediately listens to her commands. Jason is always available for questions or follow ups and shows a true investment in the lives of the doggos they care for.

Danielle Gillespie