VIP Puppy Program from SongDog

Jason Major SongDog VIP Puppy Training Program

VIP Puppy Program from SongDog

Puppies are the best! Everyone loves to snuggle a warm puppy and smell that puppy breath. We have always said a puppy’s number one survival skill is cuteness.

The reality is puppies are a tremendous amount of work to raise and care for properly… especially the first 6 months. The biting, barking, scratching and accidents can be overwhelming. On top of all that, add in potty training, crate training and proper socialization.

Let SongDog do all the work for you!

SongDog’s unmatched turnkey VIP Puppy training program is customized to give you and your puppy a VIP experience!

The program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Socialization
  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training
  • Ultimate Companion Training
  • Food, Veterinarian Care, and Grooming
  • In-Home Transfer Training
  • Lifetime Post Training Support

How SongDog’s VIP Puppy Program Works

Your puppy comes to us at 8-20 weeks of age and is ready to go home at approximately 6 months of age.

The program starts with a 1-1 consultation to figure out exactly what a perfect companion is to you. Then we develop a training plan that takes a variety of factors into consideration, such as the type of home, geographic location, and family dynamic. The training is customized specifically for you. This can include things like air travel ready or marina manners.

During your puppy’s time at our beautiful 200 acre farm in Northern Michigan, they will be potty trained, crate trained, socialized, and will complete our Ultimate Companion training program.

The program concludes with in-home transfer training (travel within MI is included) and lifetime post training support.

Our three decades of dog training experience has led to the development of this program, which is unlike any other in the industry. Let us do all the work with your puppy so you can have a lifetime of fun with your best friend!

Investment: $17,500

In Photo: Jason Major with Asher from Birmingham, Michigan, and Hazel from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan